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Bio Pesticides

Bio Pesticides - Organic Viricide

The viricide is very effective for solanaceous crops viral infestation,also suitable for other horticultural crops, the product once sprayed at 1. 5 ml dose will be effective for two months.


Organic Fungicide

We are offering to our clients a wide range of Organic Fungicide.

Organic is suitable for all crops , available in bulk and retail quantity will take care of wilt, powdery mildew, downy mildew, rots, blast, blight, etc

Emamectin Granular Pesticide

We are offering to our clients a wide a range of Emamectin 5 Granules, Agricultural Pesticides.

Granules of Emamectin with 5% A. I. with 100% water solubility and ready to use at farm level, excellent against Heliopolis, bulk supplies only.

Emamectin Technical And Formulation

We are offering to our clients a wide range of Emamectin Technical And Formulation.

Light yellow crystalline powder with 76% purity of china origin with 100% solubility.

Abamectin Technical Formulation

Abamectin, Insecticide Formulations tech of china origin of 96% purity, white crystalline powder with 100% solubility. we also provide bulk formulation of the same at different concentrations (custom made 0 as per market requirements.


Thrips spcl is organic water soluble liquid is very effective on thrips of rose,chillies,cotton,tomato,brinjal,beans,pappaya,pomegrenate,etc the dose required to control is 1. 5 ml per lit of water will be effective for 10-15 days.

Bio Pesticides

We are a leading Importer & Supplier of Bio Pesticides such as Organic Viricide, Organic Fungicide, Emamectin Granular Pesticide, Emamectin Technical And Formulation, Abamectin Technical Formulation, THRIPS SPCL and many more items from India.